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Through honest and insightful conversations, these couples counseling programs will lead to a sustainable break with the issues at hand and set a new, positive trend for your relationship. Whether you are seeking expat couples therapy, weekly counseling or sex therapy, these programs are designed to set you on the right path. 

Meet Drs. Jeanine Souren

Psychologist , Psychotherapist ,

Family & Couples Therapist, Sexologist

"My vision is not to work from an illness or pathology perspective, but to use my training combined with my own life and relationship experiences to guide my practice.  My Time for Each Other programs are actually something that I could have used during my own time of need — an effective and no-nonsense approach for a stronger relationship."

A compassionate, yet no-nonsense approach for a new perspective

While this is couples therapy, the process really begins when clients live close to their own personal truth. From there, they are able to better maintain lasting and intimate relationships.

This is where we will start. 

The Programs


Our weekly or bi-weekly couples therapy offers you new perspectives, practical tools, and help, implementing lasting changes with the comfort of continued support. 

1 Day Relationship

Without guilt or blame, I will help you and your partner gain clarity and enhance your connection. This accelerated approach is equal to 4-5 months of couples therapy.


While the 1-day session focuses on connection, the additional day in this workshop is dedicated to rekindling desire and sexual enrichment. Ideal for jumpstarting change.


Ignite the positive change you desire in your sex life. Choose from weekly sessions or add an additional day of sex therapy to your full day relationship session. 

Family Therapy

Relationship therapy extends beyond couples. At Time For Each Other, we also offer family therapy sessions that are built to spark honest conversations and get to the root of issues. 

Drs. Jeanine Souren's credentials

  • Bachelor and Master of Science (4 yr) Psychology

  • Post Master (4 yrs) Psychotherapy  (BIG reg)

  • Post Master (4 yr) Family and Couples Therapy (NVRG)

  • Post Master (2 yr)  Sexology (NVVS)

  • Emotion Focussed Therapy (EFT) practitioner

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)practitioner

  • Schema Focussed Therapy (SFT)  practitioner

  • EMDR practitioner

  • Accredited PE (Permanent Education) lecturer

  • Member of the NVVS (Dutch Association for Sr. Sexologists)

  • NIP Association (Dutch Institute for Psychologists)

  • Member of BIG (Dutch Individual Healthcare Professions Regulatory Board)

  • Member of VvAA (Dutch Association for Physicians)

  • Member of NVRG (Dutch Association for Relational, Couples and Family Therapy)

  • Member of Schema Focussed Therapist register

  • Member of ACCESS - International Therapists Directory

Licensed and accredited by 

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