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You've taken quite a journey together — both in life and abroad. Now, you're looking to gain deeper understanding of your relationship and face issues head on. Having lived an international life as an expat wife, mother and professional myself, I believe I am in a unique position to help other expat couples seek clarity in their relationship.


I have worked with a variety of couples with diverse backgrounds abroad — from stay-at-home wives who have lost their identity to high net worth individuals running international businesses. 

Any of the Time For Each Other programs can be modified to fit your needs as an expat couple seeking couples therapy in the Netherlands, so I encourage you to browse the programs to see what is best for your relationship.


Any of our TFEO programs can be modified to fit your needs as an expat couple

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Having lived and worked as an expat partner myself, I can offer unparalled insight

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Get new insights and practical tools to jumpstart the change you need in your relationship

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Our expat couples counseling in the Netherlands can set you on the right path. Please feel free to reach out by filling out the form below or check out our FAQ Section here.

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