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Do you provide recommendations of participants who have done this before?

Unfortunately, we cannot give out any names of our participants due to the strict confidentiality rules. However, we do have testimonials that we can share with you upon request.

Is TFEO international?

The founder of TFEO, Jeanine Souren, has an international background having studied, worked and lived in a variety of countries in South-Ease Asia, North and South America, Canada, India and the Netherlands. Other program leaders are either internationally savvy or been trained in cultural awareness and understand the ways of global citizens. TFEO offers all programs in the Netherlands. If her schedule allows, Drs Souren may accompany clients on location. Different fees apply.

Do you accept insurance?

We choose not to be a preferred provider for any insurance company, in part to ensure confidentiality. You will have to check with your own insurance company, if (partial) coverage applies. You pay directly to TFEO.

What is included in the cost?

Top quality care. High level professionals and evidence based approached. For details, please contact us or look at the appropriate pages for the different programs. Each program consists of several steps, all of these steps combined are included in the price.

Why is it so expensive?

We put together the equivalent of several months of therapy, all in one condensed intensive day or weekend. For the intensive day or weekend, pre-intake work, diagnostics and evaluation steps are included. Years of experience, licenses and professional standards as well as the experience and capability to work with challenging clients, sets us apart.

How will I know if the program is worth the investment?

We believe that price is what you pay, value is what you get.
If you have to pay for a divorce, a long-term conflict with your partner, the price is high — not only financially but more importantly, emotionally. Your health is priceless and research has shown that having healthy relationships increases feelings of happiness. Our programs offer compassionate care with high standard professionalism, for quick results and a new perspective.

Who leads the program?

All our programs are either executed or supervised by psychologist, sexologist, psychotherapist and couples & family therapist, Drs. J. Souren. If supervised, the program leaders for each program are selected from a pool of approximately 5 therapists from across the country – all are Master’s level or above – who have been carefully selected and trained. We do not give out program leader names in advance of programs to clients.

What kind of interventions can I expect?

We use a variety of active techniques. Evidence based interventions will be complemented by experiential interventions. Experiential therapy is an action-oriented model of therapy that goes beyond what many “talk” therapies access. Each program is a unique combination of the most effective and validated treatments available, personalised to your unique context.

Who can participate?

We value diversity. Participants of any race, gender, religion, age (4-80), sexual orientation or national origin are welcome.

Who will know about my participation?

We protect participant’s anonymity and greatly value discretion.

How many forms do I have to fill out before starting the program?

We will have a pre-intake screening with you and will send you a comprehensive list of questions for all participants to fill out to get a clearer picture of your situation. All of this takes time. Your time and our time. But when it is completed, we have a pretty clear picture of what is going on. We have a clinical road map for the type of work that will be helpful in improving your relationship. Our clients find the entire process a helpful and clarifying one.

What is your Cancellation policy?

For all programs, half of the program fee is non-refundable. If a cancellation occurs less than 14 days before the program’s start date, the entire amount will be non-refundable. No refunds are given for any program if a participant does not attend, leaves the program early, or does not complete the program.

What is the proces like?

We start each therapy and coachings engagement with a comprehensive interview and, an assessment. We interview each of you separately, and together. This allows us to develop a deep understanding of you, your life stories, and your underlying operating system in a short period of time. Armed with this knowledge, we then begin to plan the program day, based on the findings. Each program day differs as each individual, family and couple is unique. We ask powerful questions, we assign individualized homework, we utilize proprietary exercises and processes, and we often evaluate individualized metrics to help you tap into your unique potential. Our process is invigorating; you will begin to find clarity, change your perspective and take powerful new actions in of your relationship.

What is your style, what can we expect?

Direct- Honest, crucial conversations, when appropriate, are met head-on without reservation. Systemic. We understand that not 1 person and situation stands alone. We help to gain insight into how each person's role within a context may affect its functionality. How to grow as an individual but also as part of a system. Integrative. We are trained in most therapeutic models. Often we use tools borrowed from all different therapies to come up with a unique and effective form that fits your unique situation. TFEO modifies standard treatments to fill in development gaps that affect each client in different ways. By combining elements our program approach become a more flexible and inclusive approach. Transformative. Although change in individuals and in a relationship is often measured on a behavioral basis, real change happens below the surface on a deeper level. Cultivating self-awareness, recalibrating perspectives, and promoting paradigm shifts can yield huge personal and relational dividends as well as deep change. Pragmatic. Targeted strategies and tools are often used to facilitate more effective action to achieve goals more quickly.

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