1 Day Relationship Session

Accelerated Approach

This is an 
accelerated appraoch

Equal to 4-5 months of traditional therapy

One of my most popular programs, I created the one day relationship session for couples or expat couples who have little flexibility in their schedule and want to jumpstart change. This program has been built to uncover issues and unlock potential quickly.

So how does it work? We will start with a joint- followed by individual- intake interviews, before our day together and then I’ll create an initial relationship analysis. The day we meet, we’ll spend from 10:00 until 16:30 finding clarity and making concrete steps towards connecting.


Find clarity about what is

really going on in your relationship


Lean to recognize individual responsibilities in the



Moving beyond blame and shame, we’ll share hurt as well as hopes and dreams


I will provide tools to help you genuinely connect and see

one another

Pricing Details

Intensive Therapy Program

 — 15 Therapy Hours —

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