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With COVID19 on our minds we want you to know

All of our couples therapy
programs can be done online

While COVID19 has put online therapy at the forefront of many peoples minds, it is actually a service I have always offered to my clients all over the world. Embracing new technology has enabled me to reach more people than ever before — and as long as your internet connection is stable we can connect with each other and I can provide the couples therapy support you need. Online therapy by me is - almost always- fully covered by international insurance companies due to my licenses and accreditations. 


Scheduling an appointment online is often easier and more flexible than a traditional appointment


Many studies have found that digital therapy is just as
effective as traditional face-to-face therapy


Attending your online therapy sessions from the comfort of your own home puts many couples at ease

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How does online therapy work?

Online therapy is the same as traditional therapy without the formality of an office.  We will arrange a date and time like normal, and then decide whether we should meet via Zoom, Skype or phone. I will give you a call right before our scheduled session to ensure everything is good to go, then we will start the session in the same manner as that traditional therapy session would. 

Who is online therapy for?

Online therapy sessions are great if your schedule is super packed, if it is difficult to get my office or if you are not located in the Netherlands where my practice is. It is also ideal if you are currently social distancing or quarentining due to COVID19. 

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Easy Online Therapy Tips

If you are embarking in online therapy, creating the right environment is essential. Here are some easy tips and tricks to impliment to make you feel comfortable and ensure a great session.

1. It may surprise you to learn that online therapy doesn't have to take place in the perfect setting. Where you go doesn't matter. I have performed online sessions to clients from their apartments, from hotel rooms and even from their cars - parked of course! What does matter is that you are comfortable and ready to talk. 

2. It does have to be private. If someone else is in the room besides your partner it will effect the process. Sometimes even having someone in the next room has an impact too.

3. Free yourself from distractions. Please silence your mobile or better yet, turn off your phone. If you are using your phone for the therapy session then please ensure do not disturb is on.

4. Turn your selfie video off. In my opinion, this is key to the process and leaving it on is one of the biggest distractions. If you see yourself throughout the session you will be monitoring how you look LIVE.

5. Use a big screen. A therapy session looking at a mobile screen will be effective but your eyes will feel more comfortable looking at a bigger image. Using an iPad or computer is recommended.

6. Ensure your connection is stable. If your wifi is patchy then ensure you're in the same room as the router. If you have enough data, then it might be better to use that in some circumstances.

7. Secure the connection. You don't have to worry about security if your therapist uses an encrypted platform. If they don't, then question it! 


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